Wild Haggis Card Game

What’s the Wild Haggis card? It’s a Kickstarter-exclusive card from the card game Monsters of Loch Lomond. It’s not for sale in retail, so if you found one, you’re the owner of a very special card! The only thin you need, is the game itself.

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Wild Haggis

In Scotland, it is said that the Wild Haggis was originally the basis for the dish ‘haggis.’ There are two types of Wild Haggis: one with shorter legs on the left side and one with shorter legs on the right side. The first can only run clockwise around the hills, and the other counterclockwise. They cannot mate with each other because if they were to turn around, they would roll off the hill due to the difference in the length of their legs.

Every year, Scots manage to convince tourists that you can hunt the Wild Haggis, and there are people who go on a search for the mythical creature in the Highlands.

In the game Monsters of Loch Lomond, it is a fun extra card that can help you take control of the game.